Financial solutions fot entrepreneurial projects

Investor Mortgage

Do you have an investment opportunity for your company? Need cash to take it? Our Investor Mortgage offers you the possibility to access to the necessary financing to turn your business project into reality immediately.

Refurbishing Mortgage

Need to refurbish a building? With Refurbishing Mortgage you will have the necessary financing to:

  • Refurbishing existing buildings or accommodation to new usages.
  • Restoration of housing to adequate living conditions.

With this mortgage we propose a tailored financing so that the professional project and the financing are in the same direction.

Developer Mortgage

Developer Mortgage? Yes, you read right. We offer the Developer Mortgage to those developers who have a new project or wish to finish a construction work already started. With this mortgage you will have the necessary funds at each stage of the construction (granting money as work progresses).

Business cash Mortgage

If your business prospects are good but you promptly need funds to on-the-spot payments, the Business Cash Mortgage will provide you with the necessary cash to make those payments. With this mortgage you will gain peace of mind and cash shortages will disappear for you business.

Mortgage for Financing Industrial Projects

For all entrepreneurs planning to set a new business project, the Mortgage for Financing an Industrial Project provides the necessary funds to carry out the project. If you believe in your project and have a security right, we will provide you with the necessary financial support.