Financial solutions for private wealth

Residential Mortgages

Mortgage loans addressed to those people who own a property but don’t have enough income to access to traditional bank credit.The approval of this type of transactions is directly subject to the current value of the property provided as collateral.

Investor Mortgage

Do you have an investment opportunity but not enough cash to take advantage of it? Investment Mortgage offers you the possibility of accessing the necessary finance to make it happen immediately.

Renovation Mortgage

Your house brand new again! With the Renovation Mortgage you will get the necessary financing to renovate your home as if it were brand new again.

Property Sale Mortgage

Can’t to sell your property? With the Property Sale Mortgage we offer:

  • The necessary peace and quite to avoid rushing into the sale.
  • Cash to pay your immediate expenses.

With this mortgage we can offer up to 5 years to find the proper buyer.

Stop Auction Mortgage

Are you in an extreme situation? Can’t you pay your debts? Is your home to be sold at auction? With Stop Auction Mortgage we can help you to:

  • Pay your arrears.
  • Refinance your current mortgage.
  • Give you the necessary cash to pay your current mortgage loans.

The goal of this mortgage is that you keep the ownership of the property so you can study any purchase offer or gain time to find a permanent solution.

Stop Assets Seizure Mortgage

Do you already have or are about to have debts with Social Security, Tax or local authorities or with a financing entity? There is a way to avoid that!
Stop Asset Seizure Mortgage offers you tailored financing to pay arrears with the Administration and restore your financial situation.