I was trying to diversify my investments and in TQ I found a unique investment product with an excellent profitability. ” 
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How we can help you:

Using these products we can offer the opportunity to access a high performance mortgage assets investment, with a real guarantee, that allows us to guarantee the return of the investment.


1) Security: guaranteed with a real estate guarantee.


2) Profitability: 6% to 10% of annual profitability.


3) Customization: You decide how to invest.

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    How we can help you

    In all the investments, there is a property guaranteeing the investment. This investment is never higher than the 45% value of your property.
    If you invest in TQ Eurocredit, we guarantee you from 6% to 10% of annual profitability.
    You can choose in which type of transaction you want to invest in: • Location • Instalments• Payment frequency
    Commercial operations
    Real estate opportunities