It was very difficult for me to assume the amount of debts with the tax revenue…TQ advised me and gave me the funding to solve my problem immediately ” 
Manager of a logistics company

How we can help you:

When a financial problem comes up, we help you and solve your tax obligations.
We let you decide how to face the issue and we adapt ourselves to the way you decide is best for you, giving you an absolutely personalised service.

When facing this type of situations, TQ gives you the financial support you need.

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    How we solve your problem:

    We value the amount of the tax debt.
    We analyse the situation of your real estate properties.
    We proceed to appraise the value your assets.
    We finance up to 45% of the value of the appraisal.
    You decide how: we design a custom instalment plan.
    You now have financial freedom!
    Purchase of a first home
    Investments and real estate promotions