Terms & Conditions

The general conditions of contracting (hereinafter, “CGC”) TQ EUROCREDIT – BCN S.L. are reflected in this document. (hereinafter, TQ EUROCREDIT). The CGC regulates the contractual relationship between TQ EUROCREDIT and individuals, both natural and legal persons. These entities subscribe the corresponding intermediation contract for granting of loans, review of mortgage deeds or any other service to the TQ EUROCREDIT, and it will be thereafter attached to the mentioned CGC.

1.- TQ EUROCREDIT – BCN S.L. with CIF B-65756389, with the registered office at Pau Claris street number 174, 4º 1º (08041 Barcelona), registered in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona, in the Volume 43157, Page 23; Sheet B-424584, being a mercantile entity itself that operates within the Spanish financial market, acting as an intermediary body between different financial entities and both physical and legal persons requiring any type of service, advertising in the media and marketing campaigns. It facilitates the clients to have a more efficient banking management, both credit and debit transactions and services. Regarding the credit transactions, TQ EUROCREDIT will be subject to risk assessment, taking into account the different parameters used by the Financial Entities. This will be done to achieve an efficient search of credits and loans available in the market, adapted to the clients’ needs and favouring the access to the best conditions existing in the market, as well as attending the demand of the consumer clients and to the knowledge of the banking sector. TQ EUROCREDIT is registered with the nº 346/2012, Second section in the State Register of companies that conduct loan contracting, mortgage loans or intermediation activities.

2.- TQ EUROCREDIT commits itself to choose among the products that exist in the market, those that are better adapted to the needs of the consumers, according to the information provided by them, presenting at least three binding offers of the credit entities, advising consumers at all times on the economic and legal conditions.
However, among the risk criteria accepted by the Entities, there is the possibility of not being able to obtain three binding offers. If this happens, consumers can give up the contract at no economic cost, or if they decide to accept, those that are propagated in the terms indicated in the contract clauses.

3.- You can find TQ EUROCREDIT on www.tqeurocredit.com.

4.- The amount to be paid by consumers to TQ EUROCREDIT will vary depending on the product of the mortgage operation requested (buying and selling, refinancing of debts, mortgage subrogation, etc.). To that end, we include free leaflets with (maximum) fares in this current document, which will in no case include any expenses, -such as a notary, registration, taxes, consultancy, among others-, that are not paid through TQ EUROCREDIT, as well as the products and services which may be necessary for the application and concession of the transaction, such as the corresponding insurances requested by the entity, or valuation expenses.
The rest of the services and products will be contracted directly by the client, who will subscribe the corresponding contracts with the Banking Entity and TQ EUROCREDIT will not carry out any other activity except for advising the client without receiving any amount in exchange.

5.- The fees paid by the consumer to TQ EUROCREDIT will be settled at the time of signing the transaction, by bank cheque, to be paid to the indicated account. The fees will be paid in advance in the case of ordering procedures different from than the credit-loan application, such as consulting, advising, review of deeds, among others.

6.- In accordance with the regulations of the Law 2/09 of March 31 regulating the contracting of credits and loans and intermediary services, THE CONSUMERS may withdraw from the intermediation contract, without any explanation required or penalty, in the fourteen calendar days following the formalization of the contract. CONSUMERS must request a written denial in TQ EUROCREDIT within the specified period in Pau Claris street, number 174, 4t 1a (08041 Barcelona).
In the event that TQ EUROCREDIT does not obtain the requested operation in the market that adjusts to the consumers’ requirements, the contract may be resolved by notifying customers via email, fax, burofax or ordinary mail.

7.- In compliance with the General Regulation for the Protection of Data of the European Union of May 25, 2018, and the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on the Protection of Personal Data and in Royal Decree 1720 / 2007 of December 21, which approves the Regulations for the development of the LOPD and any other regulations, in their current form or however they may be replaced and / or modified in the future, the following will be applied:
The personal data provided by the CONSUMERS will be registered in the file of TQ EUROCREDIT, registered in the General Registry of Data protection with the number 2071710127.
Los datos de carácter personal facilitados por LOS CONSUMIDORES quedarán registrados en el fichero de TQEUROCREDIT, inscrito en el Registro General de Protección de Datos con el número 2071710127.

These data will be only accessible to the personnel of this company that needs to know them and will be assigned only and exclusively to the entities with which TQ EUROCREDIT collaborates, the only and exclusive effects of analyzing and processing the operation of financing products of the contracted financial intermediation.

CONSUMERS will authorize TQ EUROCREDIT to transfer the necessary personal data to analyze their operation to banks, savings banks, collaborating entities, public and private bodies, as well as to inform the customers of the coming new products and financial services that could be of their interest. Such communication and information may be transmitted even by email until the clients state otherwise.

In any case, CONSUMERS may exercise their right of Access, Correction, Opposition, Portability and Cancellation of the data provided to TQ EUROCREDIT. The exercise of this right must be carried out in front of the person responsible for the file by means of a written communication addressed to TQ EUROCREDIT Pau Claris street, number 174, 4º 1º (08041 Barcelona).

8.- For any doubt, interpretation or performance of the intermediary contract that CONSUMERS subscribe with TQ EUROCREDIT, both parties expressly renouncing their own jurisdiction, or any other that may correspond, will be subject to the Jurisdiction of the Courts and Courts of Barcelona, expressly renouncing the arbitration of consumption.

Customers of TQ EUROCREDIT BCN SLU, are entitled as borrowers, guarantors or users of the services (hereinafter customers) of TQ EUROCREDIT BCN SLU (hereinafter TQEUROCREDIT) to file a claim or complaint or consultation with the Customer Service, following what is established in the following procedure.

Customers may submit their claims:

– Addressing personally or by mail to:

Girona Office: Cor de Maria, 2 E-1, 17002 Girona
Barcelona Office: Pau Claris 174, 4-1, 08037 Barcelona
TQ Madrid Office: Paseo de la Castellana, 174. Lower Left, 28046 Madrid

– By email to Customer Service atencioncliente@tqeurocredit.com
– Through this website, www.tqeurocredit.com, following the link of atencioncliente@tqeurocredit.com

To initiate the process, the CLIENT must provide a document with which he submits his claim, and which states:
1.-Personal data of the interested party, where appropriate the person representing him, duly accredited DNI / NIE for natural persons and CIF for Legal persons.
Contact phone, email and contact address,
2.-Reference to the Operation, file, service or contract on which you express your complaint or claim
3.- Explanation of the reason for the complaint or claim, with clear specification of the issues on which a pronouncement is requested.
4.-Customer request in relation to the desired and average solution (email or postal address) by which you wish to receive the response.
5.-Documents attached. (Invoice, contract…)
6.-Place, date and signature.

Any Client who has filed a claim and / or complaint with TQEUROCREDIT through the means referred to, in the event of any of the following circumstances:
– I would not have received a response from TQEUROCREDIT to your request within the established resolution period (two months after submission).
– Your request would have been denied or rejected in whole or in part by TQEUROCREDIT.
Whenever such requirements are duly accredited and previously exhausting for resolution via the Customer Service Department of TQEUROCREDIT, the Client or user has the express power to go to:

Bank of Spain
Department of Market Conduct and Claims
c / Alcalá 48
28014 Madrid